Australian house prices will push modestly higher this year and ramp up in 2019, according to ANZ economists, who say outright price falls are off the table. National house prices are just 0.8 per cent higher than they were 12 months ago – a far cry from the 10 per cent growth seen in the previous year – but ANZ doesn’t expect the slowdown to deepen from here. Total growth of 1.8 per cent across the country is now forecast this year by ANZ, picking up to 3.6 per cent growth in 2019, with Melbourne and Hobart expected to outperform. While the days of double-digit percentage price growth are now history, outright house price falls aren’t likely, according to senior ANZ economists Daniel Gradwell and Joanne Masters. “We think most of the slowdown has already occurred,” the economists wrote this week. “We retain our view that prices will not materially decline.” Read More Here. By, Chris Kohler.