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The Couture Team

Couture Realty was set up to provide more value to you then any other property service. The associates have over a decade of experience in Property and in 2015 it was the right time to start the most innovative property service you’ve seen.

Couture is already one of the most Successful agencies in the Brisbane Market Place for a reason. For one, we’re straight up and down, we’re honest. We back up our mouths with our Marketing Plan – Sell your property for our quoted price, within our specific 33 day marketing plan.

There’s now half a dozen staff working with the Agency and the Team’s results are demanding people stand up and take notice. The two  leading men and the people you really want to make friends with are Dan and Clinton. The street records set alone are impressive, not to mention they always happen withing the 33-day tailored Marketing Plan. The two men create a chemistry that buyers and sellers alike can feel. On one hand you get to leverage Clinton’s Marketing Knowledge and Negotiation Skills. These are producing sales results like none you’ve never seen before. Dan has learnt skills that others can’t master after decades in the industry; plus he makes himself available virtually 24/7 and his enthusiasm never ceases to amaze…


If you’re over text and have the time, here’s a quick story from Clinton; he’s spent almost 10 years in Real Estate and he’s Couture’s Founder and Managing Director

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