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Dear Home Owner,

If you’re thinking about selling your home within the next 6 months, and you want the best price possible… then the following information is important for you.

And with good reason, here’s why...

Listing your home with the wrong Real Estate agent can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits… even hundreds of thousands of dollars… and I can prove it.

My names Clinton Sippel, I’m a Real Estate Agent who specialises in the Brisbane city area, and what I’m about to share with you may shock you, and even make you angry.

Here’s the story...

Clinton Sippel

Founder of Couture Realty

Woolloongabba Home Owner Shocked
By The Sale Price Of Their Home

Terrence’s Broadway Street home at Woolloongabba listed for $770,000 with another agency. Four months later his home was still on the market.

As you can imagine, no one wants their home on the market for four months, because buyers start to question what’s wrong with it, and you get low-ball-offers which damage your chances of getting the best price possible.


After 4 months and no sale, Terrence had had enough of the agency trying to sell his home. That’s when I got a phone call from a frustrated Terrence, asking me to come around and look at his place.

After walking around and having a good look, I sat him down and delivered some news he wasn’t too happy to hear.

See, I’m not your standard Real Estate agent, I have a builders license as well, which means, I look at homes and how they present for sale differently to 97% of other agents out there.

Unique strategies and tips that sell homes
fast and get owners top dollar...

I have a few unique strategies, and smart tips that quickly make a home very appealing to buyers… add immediate value… so the home sells fast… and sells for top dollar.

Here’s what I told Terrence to do...

I sat him down and told them to take his home off the market.

Then I told him two simple things he needed to do to his home, that’s if he wanted to sell his home fast, and sell it for top dollar.

He agreed to make the changes.

Then, once the ideas I’d given him were acted on and completed, we put his home back on the market.

And here’s what happened.

In 3 weeks he had over 60 inspections
and sold his home for $928,000...

Incredible right?

Terrence’s home sold for $928,000. That’s $158,000 more than the first agent had listed his home for.

The first agent put Terrence’s home on the market for $770,000… four months later… still not sold.

Terrence was shocked and excited with
the $928,000 sale price of his home...

"Some time ago Clinton was recommended to us from another agent that we know well. Without doubt Clinton has been the most skilled agent we’ve talked to both here and across Australia, and we’ve dealt with a lot of them.

Clinton did his research and so he knew the market very well and had a high level of interest from potential purchasers. The property was sold in three weeks of going to market and we were very happy with the price we achieved. Clinton balances enthusiasm with skill and knowledge and it’s no wonder Couture continues to sell properties for more".

Terrence, Broadway St. Wooloongabba
*Indivdual results vary from person to person

Fact is, little things do make a big difference when it comes to selling your home for the best price possible.

And the right agent looking at your home giving you valuable advice… a change here... and fix up there… a get rid of that... can net you tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profits.

And that's what you, the home owner wants right?The Best Price Possible for your home.

But, you’ve got to make the right changes to your home, or you’ll waste time and money.

Tell you what...

Let me show you another client I helped get the best price possible for their home.

Crown Street South Brisbane Home Sold In 4 Days...
$70,000 Above The Highest Appraisal Of Other Agent

"Once again Clinton has exceeded my expectations with selling the third property for us in record time – 3 days and achieving a sale price of $70,000 above what we were expecting.

Thank you for your honest and realistic advise, that cheeky smile of yours plus the professional service. We appreciate your help more then you know. A extra special mention needs to go to you in selling our properties number 2 and 3, we didn’t even bother asking for others opinions. The first time around we had 3 different agents with 3 different appraisals to check we were achieving a good price. Now we just call you and know we’ll achieve an honest price and a good deal."

Stephen, Crown Street South Brisbane
*Indivdual results vary from person to person

Stephen the owner had four different agents appraise the property. The sale ranges the other agents gave were in the mid eight hundred thousands.

Here's what happened...

I sold Stephens place in 4 days for $70K above highest other agent’s appraisal, it sold for $960,000 in January.

How did I do that?

The key was a carefully structured marketing campaign that was well prepared, which meant we had strong negotiating power.

I used a database and had pre market, and advertised open homes. Followed up with a phenomenal presentation, and strong negotiation I got the best possible price for Stephen.

How about I give you some proven strategies and
show you how to get the best price for your home?

Then here’s what I’m going to do...

I'll give you the two powerful ideas I gave Terrence that sold their home within 3 weeks of me listing it, and sold it for $158,000 above the listing price of another agency.

And what’s more...

I've got some other high level info for you that helps you avoid getting dicked around by real estate agents… shows you how to sell your home for the best price possible.

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